In a vulnerable district of the city of Anderlecht (Cureghem), our association pursues various objectives:

– The development, integration, and coexistence of young people from different origins through the practice of football and the implementation of the values that underpin this sport (fair-play, respect for rules, solidarity between teammates, self-esteem)

– Follow-up and academic support for young people who frequent the association as well as psychosocial help for them and their families

With 15 years of experience, FEFA adopts an original and effective approach in the field of prevention of social and academic difficulties by intervening in the three main spheres of a young person’s life, namely studies, family and leisure through sport).

The FEFA is made up of 3 components, complementary to each other:


The football component

Each week, we supervise more than 260 children between 4 and 20 years old, and this twice a week. These 180 young people are divided into 9 teams that participate in the regional ACFF Brabant championship under the registration number 035 of the RSCA. Since the 2016/2017 season, the practice of football is also offered to girls. Two teams have also been created (U9 and U12).






The school component

During the academic year, we collect our members’ reports and organize school follow-up systematically.

Concretely, a homework school is held 3 times a week on the premises of the Royal Athenaeum Leonardo da Vinci (Athénée Royale Léonardo da Vinci). Young people go there either at the parents’ request or when academic difficulties are noted when the reports are collected.






The family component

First-class psychosocial care is also offered to young people and their families. We offer them administrative or social support, and we can also respond to more specific requests regarding parenting, guidance, etc.

When registering, we make it clear that we are not aiming for sports elitism and that there may be 1 in 10,000 chances that the young person can achieve his dream of becoming a professional footballer.

The FEFA has decided to work primarily with the 9,999 other young people who will most certainly be influencing players in tomorrow’s society.

If the dream of these young people makes it possible to be the driving force of a better journey to school and thus give them more chances of integrating into social and professional life, then we will have met the objectives that we set for ourselves.




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